Ganioğulları Limited Company was ranked among the top 100 companies in Turkey according to the sales revenue growth rate ranking for the 2019-2021 period, conducted in cooperation with the Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey (TOBB), TEPAV and TOBB ETU.

This success is directly related to the company’s strategic management approach, its effectiveness in marketing and sales activities, and its competitiveness in the sector. Ganioğulları Limited Company’s inclusion in this ranking is an important sign for the country’s economy and reflects the company’s steady growth and success graph. Furthermore, this achievement underscores the importance of sectoral analysis and collaboration with key organizations such as TOBB, TEPAV and TOBB ETÜ.

With this achievement, Ganioğulları Limited Company has not only established a leading position in the Turkish business world, but also a strong position in terms of competitiveness in the international market.


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