As GEFA POWER company, with the full participation of all our employees, our Integrated System policy, in which we are committed to continuous development and improvement, aiming to provide the best service under all circumstances to increase customer satisfaction and create customer loyalty, is as follows:

  • To ensure that all our employees work with the same awareness,
  • To prevent accidents by minimizing risks and preventing accidents by complying with OHS rules and instructions with our trained and experienced staff,
  • To carry out a standard management policy in line with measurable and achievable targets by using time properly,
  • To ensure that our policies, ideas and objectives are adopted and supported by all our staff,
  • To ensure full coordination in all our services and to determine the planning of all our projects and services in advance and to carry out our operations under these headings,
  • To make and implement development plans in order to use material, machinery and equipment resources in the most efficient way and to monitor and control the results,
  • Implementing effective activities according to the results of analyzing internal and external feedback data,
  • To exchange ideas to improve the performance of our employees and increase their efficiency,
  • To ensure that the products and services offered fully meet customer needs and expectations, relevant standards and legal requirements,
  • Carrying out joint processes to improve effectiveness and efficiency with all our suppliers based on mutual trust and understanding each other’s quality cultures,
  • Identifying, evaluating, monitoring and, when necessary, taking actions to address risk factors and opportunities that may affect the achievement of the Company’s objectives, according to their impact and probability within the scope of risk management,
  • Carrying out activities with our employees and suppliers based on Information Security,
  • To rigorously apply the PDCA (Plan-Do-Practice-Check-Act) principle to continuously develop and improve process performance and thus the overall performance of our company,
  • By committing to fulfill compliance obligations,
  • To use existing resources effectively and efficiently,
  • To carry out pollution prevention and source reduction activities to reduce negative environmental impacts,
  • Ensure accountability for factors that may affect the effectiveness of the Integrated Management System and improve environmental performance,
  • To increase activities aimed at raising environmental awareness and to produce our products with respect for the environment and nature.