Maintenance Services

When hiring for permanent positions, you not only want a candidate with the skills to fill the role, but also a team member whose values and work style align with your company’s identity. We provide excellent permanent placements by consulting our clients to fully understand the skills, qualifications and behaviors required for the role.

Whether you’re a growing small business or a large company expanding into a new area, our extensive global network gives us access to the technical talent to suit your needs over the long term. Our candidates have at least five years or more of industry experience, as well as skills that are in demand now and in the future.

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Identifying the exact qualifications and behaviors required for the position

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Background Checks

A team member whose values and work style align with your company's identity

Our Contract Recruitment Process


Following our tried-and-true process, Gefa Power goes to market to find the best candidates to assist our clients' upcoming business. When we find these candidates, they are recruited as Gefa Power employees and hired to assist our clients with their projects.


All employees remain employees of Gefa Power and are paid by Gefa Power for the hours worked, but are subject to receiving work instructions from the customers to whom they are hired. This work is subject to special rules and regulations and is only permitted to agents with the corresponding license we have in all regions where this service is available.


When our clients have finished their projects and no longer need the assistance of our hired employees, they will be recruited and returned to the custody of Gefa Power.